Ohio State Working to Fund Three Construction Management Teams in 2014 Student Competitions

The Construction Systems Management program at The Ohio State University is on the hunt in the 2014 round of student competitions. Over the last several years, faculty, students, and industry leaders have been working hard to establish a proud tradition of demonstrating the program’s caliber. The results have been positive and noteworthy, led by a National Championship in the Spring 2013 ABC Competition and a win at the 1st Annual NewB Competition hosted by the University of Cincinnati. In addition, several teams have won or placed in subcategories of the ABC Competition (Estimating, Project Management, Safety, etc.) or placed in other competitions. One such team was the 2013 ASC Team, the first from OSU to compete in ASC Region 3, who finished 3rd in the Healthcare category.

The ASC and ABC competitions are set up fundamentally the same, with teams preparing a proposal comprised of an estimate, schedule, project management plan, and safety plan followed by a team presentation to a simulated group of owners. Each competition adds their own unique wrinkle to the process. In the ABC Competition, students submit an initial proposal based on bid documents received weeks ahead of time and then participate in a bid day exercise where they react to a multitude of changes in scope and constraints. In the ASC Competition, students get their construction documents at 7:00 AM and submit a completed proposal at 10:00 PM the same night. Participation in either competition, as well as the NewB, gives students an opportunity to demonstrate and validate the skills they have been learning, gain experience in a real-world setting, and refine valuable presentation skills.

This fall, due to increased interest from CSM students, Ohio State is working towards funding two teams to participate in the 2014 ASC Region 3 competition, in addition to the 2014 ABC Team. As the possibility of a 2nd ASC team is a late breaking development, student team members are working furiously on a 11th hour fundraising campaign. Our objective is to send two distinct teams with six members each, totalling twelve students. We have estimated the total cost for both teams at $500 per student, with funds used for team registration fees, hotels, travel, food, team apparel, office supplies, etc. If you or your firm is interested in making tax-deductible financial contribution, please contact myself (duwayne.baird@gmail.com or 614-359-1521), my fellow Team Leader Nicole Cutlip (cutlip.34@osu.edu), or our Faculty Advisor Jeff Suchy (Suchy.3@osu.edu or 614-292-1731) for more information.



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